Unanswered Questions in Chemistry and Science

How did life begin?

According to scientists, life originates from biological molecules from a primordial soup. However, the questions remain unanswered because so many theories explain life’s origin. People get confused with the origin of DNA and the origin of the first cell that leads to a complete organism.

Where do we put all the carbon?

Recent research shows that carbon is increasing in the atmosphere. However, remedies have been put forward to take back the carbon, but people do not understand how? 

Scientists have devised a solution to this and suggest burying the carbon in old oils or fields of gases or hiding it at the sea bottoms. The worry remains that the time the carbon stays there is unknown.

How do we fight bacteria?

Antibiotics are the prescribed medicine for bacteria. However, the multiplication rate of bacteria is higher and cannot be countered. Another reason why this question remains unanswered is the misuse of antibiotics and personal prescriptions. Therefore, there is no appropriate answer to this question.

Are there any molecules that indeed contain a phi bond?

A phi bond is a covalent bond where six lobes of an atomic orbital overlap each other. The bond forms an internuclear axis that crosses both atoms. There was only one case in 2005 of such a molecule, but it was further proved to have fourth-order bonding.

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