5 Vaping Facts You Must Know

Vaping has become popular in recent years. Even smokers transition to vaping since they assume it is more advantageous than smoking cigarettes.

The habit may appear better than smoking based on the numerous claims, but it seems there are many misconceptions out there. If you plan to take up the habit of vaping, here are 5 facts you need to know first.

1. Better than smoking cigarettes

The reason why vaping may be less harmful than smoking is because of the method of consumption. In vaping, the device or e-cigarette heats up the vaping liquid, which contains flavourings, traces of nicotine, and other potent chemicals. Once the liquid becomes gas or vapour, the vape lets you inhale that.

On the other hand, tobacco cigarettes contain many chemicals besides nicotine. By lighting it up, the solid mixture of these chemicals is burned and the fumes can be inhaled by the smoker via the cigarette filter or butt. If you look at it, the user is exposed more to the chemical reaction in smoking compared to vaping.

That’s what makes it seem less harmful. However, there’s no denying that both methods incorporate many chemicals to be burned. Each of them, aside from nicotine, can be questionable to the body. Therefore, vaping is still not safe.

2. Lungs and heart

Everyone knows that nicotine is bad for the body. It’s been taught in school and there is much evidence wherein people die from it in the long run. However, smokers find it very hard to quit because nicotine makes cigarettes highly addictive. If that is the case, then vaping too can be addictive since it contains nicotine.

The vapour is inhaled by a user and enters the lungs before puffing it out. Along with that gas are hundreds of chemicals in gaseous form also, which can remain in the organs. It is highly likely that those chemicals can enter the bloodstream and travel toward the heart. For those who have heart and respiratory problems, vaping can only make them worse.

3. Addictive

As mentioned, the liquids used for vapes and e-cigarettes can contain nicotine, the highly addictive and harmful component of tobacco cigarettes. With that being said, vaping can still make a user dependent.

Furthermore, the liquids for vapes can contain other chemicals and among them is THC, the highly addictive compound in marijuana and cannabis products. One may not need to smoke pot or a joint at all since there are vaping options for that. Though vaping may be less harmful, the element of addiction is still high.

4. Tool for quitting smoking

Many users use vaping as a way to quit smoking. Truth be told, many smokers don’t go back to using cigarettes now that they are vaping. However, that is also the reason why it is not the best tool for quitting smoking, since the element of addiction is still there, wherein a slightly different medium is used.

5. Getting hooked

A lot of people attempt to normalize vaping. These may be advertising strategies, but online platforms can be really powerful. Even teenagers with direct access to social media can be convinced that vaping is okay even if there is lacking scientific evidence. Moreover, entertainment like vaping tricks can make it appealing for some.

Until now, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that vaping is way better than smoking. Before taking up the new habit, it is important that you must know the facts and understand the risks. If you still decide to proceed, be responsible enough. Try also to adopt healthy habits to compensate for the effects of vaping.

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