5 Vaping Facts You Must Know

Vaping has become popular in recent years. Even smokers transition to vaping since they assume it is more advantageous than smoking cigarettes.
The habit may appear better than smoking based on the numerous claims, but it seems there are many misconceptions out there. If you plan to take up the habit of vaping, here are 5 facts you need to know first.
1. Better than smoking cigarettes
The reason why vaping may be less harmful than smoking is because of the method of consumption. In vaping, the device or e-cigarette heats up the vaping liquid, which contains flavourings, traces …

Visualizing Science with Microscopy

A microscope is a tool to magnify objects or images so they can be studied in detail. There are many microscopes, each with its strengths and weaknesses, but all microscopes use a lens to enlarge an object or image. Some ordinary microscopes include the light microscope, the electron microscope, and the scanning tunnelling microscope.
Inspiration for microscopy work
Different scientists have different sources of inspiration for their microscopy work. However, some possible sources of inspiration for microscopy work could include other …

The Reaction of the Scientists to Sustainability Challenges in Canada

The International Advisory Board members of the Canadian Journal of Chemistry were asked to list and emphasize the ways in which the field of chemistry is able to help the country rise to the different sustainability challenges.
Maintaining good health
The study of human health and well-being is a complex and interdisciplinary field. Health science includes the fields of medicine, psychology, nutrition, and exercise science. Health science research is conducted to improve our understanding of how the human body works and how to maintain good …

Unanswered Questions in Chemistry and Science

How did life begin?
According to scientists, life originates from biological molecules from a primordial soup. However, the questions remain unanswered because so many theories explain life’s origin. People get confused with the origin of DNA and the origin of the first cell that leads to a complete organism.
Where do we put all the carbon?
Recent research shows that carbon is increasing in the atmosphere. However, remedies have been put forward to take back the carbon, but people do not understand how?