Microorganisms, Dinosaurs, and other Animal Behaviours

Scientists learn and research chemical, zoological and botanical knowledge that may disturb human thoughts. Did you know that researcher scientists in Canada have been working hard to crack these codes of reality? 
Surprise 1: The reason for Tyrannosaurus rex’s stubby arm
The Tyrannosaurus rex species has the shortest arms compared to others. However, chemistry and science in Canada have enlightened people and showed them that this …

Unanswered Questions in Chemistry and Science

How did life begin?
According to scientists, life originates from biological molecules from a primordial soup. However, the questions remain unanswered because so many theories explain life’s origin. People get confused with the origin of DNA and the origin of the first cell that leads to a complete organism.
Where do we put all the carbon?
Recent research shows that carbon is increasing in the atmosphere. However, remedies have been put forward to take back the carbon, but people do not understand how? 

Tracking Years of Change

The origin of chemistry and science in Canada can be traced back to the early 1800s. In 1813, John Struthers, a Scottish-born Canadian physician, published the first book on chemistry in Canada. Struthers’ work was followed by several other significant early contributions, including those of John Richardson (1819), George Brown (1824), and Alexander Murray (1831). 
These early works laid the foundation for the development of a strong chemistry and science community in Canada.
Chemistry and Science Canada …