Materials Chemistry

Division Representative

Arthur Mar (, University of Alberta
Vlad  Michaelis (, University of Alberta

Symposia and Organizers

1D and 2D materials: From computational studies to applications - joint with PT, MS

Benoit Simard (, NRC-CNRC Ottawa

Analytical Applications of Nanomaterials - joint with IN, AN

Mark McDermott (, University of Alberta
Jean-François Masson (, Université de Montréal

Emerging Materials Researchers

Todd Sutherland (, University of Calgary

From Germany to Canada: Synthetic Carbon Allotropes and Carbon-Rich Molecules - joint with OR

Rik Tykwinski (, University of Alberta
Andreas Hirsch (, University Erlangen-Nuremberg 

From the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Beyond: Oxides, Intermetallics, and Structural Chemistry - joint with IN

Vekataraman Thangadurai (, University of Calgary
Andrew Grosvenor (, University of Saskatchewan

Magnetic Nanomaterials

Simon Trudel (, University of Calgary
Frank van Veggel (, University of Victoria
Amy Blum (, McGill University

Materials for Renewable Energy Technologies - joint with PT & SS

Gregory Jerkiewicz
 (, Queen's University
Daniel Guay (, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique
Byron Gates (, Simon Fraser University

Molecular Materials by Design

Dmitriy Soldatov (, University of Guelph
Ken Maly (, Wilfred Laurier University
Holger Eichhorn (, University of Windsor

Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy: New Frontiers in Small Molecules, Biomolecular Solids and Materials Science - joint with PT

Vladimir Michaelis (, University of Alberta
Roderick Wasylishen (, University of Alberta

Understanding Ancient and Historical Materials - joint with PT

Thomas Ellis (, University of Saskatchewan
Scott Rosendahl (, Canadian Light Source