Industrial Chemistry

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Division Representative

Preston Chase, GreenCentre Canada 

Invited Speakers:

Ray W. MillerPresident, Verdecute Consulting
Chris Tindal, Assistant Director, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuel Initiative

Symposia, Organizers

Analytical Chemistry in Industry - joint with AN

Nicole Heshka
 (, Natural Resources Canada

Chemistry-based Start-ups and Small & Medium Enterprises

Preston Chase, GreenCentre Canada 
Kazim Agha, Ridout & Maybee

Funding Climate for Start Ups and SME’s (Panel):

Moderator: Kazim Agha, Ridout and Maybee

Panelists: Eric Loo, MITACS; Rick Davidson, Alberta Innovates; Ryan Leskiw, NAIT


Realizing Commercial Potential of Academic R&D (Panel):

Moderator: Preston Chase, GreenCentre Canada

Panelists: Adrien Cote, Velocity, University of Waterloo; Philip Jessop, Queen’s University; David Antoniuk, Applied  Quantum Materials

Pathways to Success for Green Fuels and Chemicals - Industry Speaks

University of Alberta, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Alberta Innovates, Alberta Agriculture & Forestry

Advances in Commercial Renewable Fuels (Panel):

Moderator: Chris Tindal, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative

Panelists: Laurel Harmon, LanzaTech; Steve Csonka, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuel Initiative; Lynn Wyton, Edmonton International Airport


Emerging and Advanced Sustainable Materials (Panel):

Moderator: Gordon Giles, Alberta Innovates

Panelists: Geoff Clarke, Pacific Forest Industries Inc.; Joel Kelly, BC Research Inc.; James Lockhart, NORAM Engineering & Constructors; Rod Albers, West Fraser


Emerging and Advanced Green Chemicals (Panel):

Moderator: Ray Miller, Verdecute Consulting

Panelists: David Lynch, Enerkem; Charity Callahan, Zen Earth; John Slayter, Hexion

Sponsored by: 

Alberta Innovates