Book Drive

Do you have textbooks that can be donated to a university in need?  Once again, Professor Ramaswami (Sammy) Sammynaiken will hold a book drive at CSC 2018 for the University of Guyana in South America. Last year CSC 2018 delegates donated approximately 1,200 textbooks covering many disciplines. These textbooks were shipped to the University of Guyana and distributed to the general library and departmental libraries.  This year’s book drive will collect books for the Tain Campus of the University of Guyana.

We ask all of our delegates to bring a textbook to donate to this effort. The more books donated the greater the impact for the University of Guyana’s libraries. We encourage you to pack at least one book in your briefcase or luggage and bring it to the drop-off location on the conference exhibit floor at booth #339, located close to the main entrance door for quick and easy access.

For more information contact Sammy Sammynaiken: